Travel: TIBET

In year 2007 I spent three weeks traveling around CHINA.

After visiting noisy, polluted pre-olympic Beijing, and before flying to the over-crowded hyper-consumerist pre-earthquake Chengdu, I visited TIBET.

It was one of the most intense experiences I have had in my entire life.

Two Tibetan Nuns (The Jokhang)

The place, the people and their habits, the mood… even the altitude (Lhasa is 3.650m above the sea level)…! Either the place invades you, and you feel immersed and caught forever, for good, or you are out in the next 24 hours.

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Travel: CHINA

In year 2007 I spent three weeks traveling around CHINA.

As usual (everybody would), I took my camera with me. But i didn’t take any laptop, hard disk drive, or other digital device to download and backup the pictures. When I came back home and I could finally review all of them together, as a whole, I realized that China had affected and infected me: chaos, contradiction, disorder, randomness, dispersion (as opposed to concentration) are words that can be used to describe both the country and my pictures.

The Kid

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INSPIRATION is a series of photos that I am planning to include under a specific word.

One Motto / Topic / Subject / Concept relates all the pictures included; it might be Physical or Abstract. The series might be updated regularly, so please check back again soon.

Chances are the series might be sold as Art in limited series, printed with the best processes and techniques available, signed by the Author and numbered.

Please contact me for further details.


P.S.: little technical information will be given about the pictures, since they are meant only for your/my eyes and creative side of your/my brain; please contact me if you are curious about gear, technique or location.


Barcelona is BLACK and WHITE.

It happens in Black and White. It was designed in Black and White. People live in Black and White, and many of its inhabitants know it. And they are happy about it, because it relates to its intensity.


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Elif from Mavi Jeans is the closest I have had to a sister. She is an angel. Simply put, she spoils me. Her boyfriend and boyfriend’s brother are my Turkish brothers. Elif, if you are reading this, seni çoz ozledim. All the time. Why did Bread n’ Butter have to cancel their Barcelona events???!!! I am a worse person since I don’t get to see you twice a year.

I was once invited to the presentation of their new collection. I asked permission to shoot the backstage. It was my first experience on a backstages and catwalks and such. I had no idea what the thing would be like. What camera should I take?

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My girlfriend (see previous post) travelled with me all the time, for so many years.
She is small enough to sneak with me in places, and do her job in an extremely smooth and efficient manner.

Simply put, she is gorgeous!

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