My girlfriend (see previous post) travelled with me all the time, for so many years.
She is small enough to sneak with me in places, and do her job in an extremely smooth and efficient manner.

Simply put, she is gorgeous!

Leica produces amazing machines: amazing gear construction for one simple purpose: amazing picture quality.
And, amazingly, Leica cameras are usually unnoticed. People rarely pay attention to other people carrying Leicas (unless the camera is hanging from someone’s shoulder during a photo exhibition opening venue! Then you are noticed, and not in the positive way…!)

I once went on a business trip to London. Funny as it may sound, the purpose of the trip was to visit the finest Japanese and Chinese rsstaurants in town (yes, I insist: business trip). And if you are wondering, yes, there’s many many fine Japanese and Chinese restaurants in London. You can usually visit restaurants during lunch and / or dinner time, and sometimes, if the place has a tea-room, bakery or other side business, also in between meals.

I took two cameras with me: a pocket digital compact (I cannot remember which brand / model) and my Leica M6. One for business pics, one for art. The Leica was loaded, as usual, with black and white film only.

Being a party of five people, the fastest, cheapest, most efficient way to move around was in taxis. I decided that, on every ride, i would sit on the front folding seat, facing backwards, so I could take pictures of my friends:

Albert A.


Albert R.


Q: How come “5 People in a London Taxi” consists of only 4 photos?
A: I didn’t self-portrait.

P.S.: all pictures were taken handheld (passenger space inside London Taxis would be too small to open a tripod) (or would it?)


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