Travel: CHINA

In year 2007 I spent three weeks traveling around CHINA.

As usual (everybody would), I took my camera with me. But i didn’t take any laptop, hard disk drive, or other digital device to download and backup the pictures. When I came back home and I could finally review all of them together, as a whole, I realized that China had affected and infected me: chaos, contradiction, disorder, randomness, dispersion (as opposed to concentration) are words that can be used to describe both the country and my pictures.

The Kid

In two words: I failed.

Don’t ask me to describe the country (or my pictures); I can only talk about glimpses, highlights, scenes. My perception, my opinions, my view, are partial, segmented, faceted, torn, broken. It is like a dream lit by a stroboscopic light. There is no coherence.

Only two conceptual statements remain in my mind:

Hong-Kong has a horizon (past and future):

Looking at the Distance

Shanghai is about the relationship between the people and its spaces (as in Barcelona):

Shanghai Street

One of those three weeks in China, I travelled to TIBET. Now that is a whole different place!



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